Instraction Sending Essay


Guid sending the essay summaries:

in order to submit the article, the registration & submission of the abstract of the article will be made only through the website of the congress & after receiving the user name & password on the personal panel for each applicant will be accepted & in case of sending by Fax, Email or paper won’t be accepted.

Summaries of articles are sent to the  secretariat through the congress website & will be announced after the arbitration of the selected articles abstracts of articles are acceptable in both Persian & English languages.

The abstract of the submitted articles should be submitted in a long, structured summary (Information Extended)


At writing the article summaries the following:

  • Just send a summary of the article & refuse to send the full article
  • Selected articles are selected based on the quality of the abstract of the article. The research carried out & the novelty of the idea selecting according to arbitration check list
  • Any deciding on admission & new to present the article is responsible the scientific committee of the congress.
  • If you have any questions of problems regarding the submission of the articles by e-mail to congress your email will be answered within 24 hours.
  • It is required when sending abstracts of articles to mention cell phone number & e-mail.
  • The sender of article is responsible for informing other reseanhers
  • The responsibility for the scientific & literary authentific & literary authenticity of the text sent by the person who transmitted the article is stated in the case of proof of scientific theft degree in writing to the vice will always be deprived of students congresses. Mentioning the title of supervisor professors & research adnser in the abstract is essential.

A summary of the article should be sent to the research that, at the time of submission to the congress, their results are fully specified & the phrase title sach as the result is being examined, etc …, should be strictly avoided.

If the following are not met, the abstract of the article will be removed from the arbitration process.

Failure to follow instructions for submitting abstracts of articles in terms of structure & number of words allowed.

Failure to mention the author’s title & the name of the author’s organization.


Instruction for preparing abstracts:

  • All types of articles should include the title of the author name & the name of the organization of all the author’s. The (university of the student research, committee of the research center or any organization that has sponsored & commissioned the research work)
  • To write all the members in the abstract of English font texts of (Times New Roman)
  • The title of the article is bold in font size 14.
  • The name of the author should be written in fond size 14 below the name of the author of the author of the article.
  • The author’s organization (affiliation) is to be 10 fonts.
  • The text of the abstract of the article should be written bold with the font size 12 & the headline.
  • Appropriate margin on each side.


Instruction for submitting a summary of the article by article type:

*  Original Articles 

  •  Background and Objective
  •  Materials and Methods
  •  Findings
  • Conclusion
  • Key Words

 * Review articles 

  • Background and Objective
  • Search Method
  • Findings
  • Conclusion
  • Key Words

* Case report 

  • Background and Objective
  • Patient Report
  • Conclusion
  • Key Words

 * Qualitative Articles: 

  • Background and Objective
  • Method of Evaluation
  • Findings
  • Conclusion
  • Key Words