Writing & presentation poster instructions


Writing & presentation poster instructions:

  1. Dear people whose articles are accepted as poster presentation. It is necessary to design & submit their article on the basis of this format.
  2. Poster is vertical & 90cm in height for a height of 60cm for width & we can not accept the posters that are horizontally edited & written (content should be at kast 3cm from the poster border)
  3. Poster should be arranged according to the instructions below.
    • English text: times new roman up to 22 fonts.
  4. Poster should be integrated or a single page: the secretariat of the conference will not accept posters on A4 poster at all.
  5. In the posters, all the necessary articles related to a full article should be observed as follows:
    • The title of the article is the name of the authors. The name of the original author will be marked with the star & be drawn under the name of the line provider. The name & address of the university or institution the main text of the paper includes the introduction of the method of work results & discussions & references.
  6. The certificate of presentation will only be presented to those who post their poster at the time 2 place announced by the provider of the identity card in person.
  7. The poster writer will be presenting posters at the poster site (IF someone else presents the posters. Be sufe to know the posters).
  8. In case of concurrence submit more than two posters, please inform the responsible person. Otherwise the secretariat will not be responsible for the secretariat unless a certificate is presented by the secretariat of the congress.